Welcome to the Ohio Academy of Science Virtual District 18 Science Day!

Virtual District Science Day 18

The STEM Wizard registration system will support the virtual judging of projects for both District Science Day and State Science Day. This same platform will also include judging for Sponsored Awards.

In addition to providing basic information including ISEF forms, the Virtual Judging Science Day Milestone will require students to have the following elements:

• An abstract
• A video for the judges and answer specific questions provided by the Academy.
• A final report that includes the Research Plan plus the collected data, discussion of the results and conclusions, and the abstract

Please visit https://ssd.ohiosci.org/district-science-days-students/ for the most up-to-date information concerning District 18 Science Day

March 1st - March 15th: Student registration for the District 18 Science Day.

Fee: $25.00 per student.

Deadline: March 15th to register for the District 18 Science Day

The District Science Day fee is $25.00 per person.
• Individuals will pay by credit card with their registration record.
• Schools wishing to pay for their students will need to send us a purchase order. The students will “pay via other method” and use the “note” box that the school is paying for them.

Here are the instructions for Purchase Orders:
PO's are made out to "The Ohio Academy of Science" and emailed to dgruber@ohiosci.org. PO's and checks should be mailed to 5930 Wilcox Pl Ste F, Dublin OH 43016. Please list student(s) on the PO/Check. Please note your teacher must email dgruber@ohiosci.org by the deadline to confirm the school is paying your registration fee. Registrations are NOT complete until payment is confirmed. Please call the Academy at 614.389.2182 with questions.

For judges, we need your help now more than ever

This virtual platform will allow judging to happen over a 5-7-day period. Virtual judging offers much greater time flexibility than a traditional in-person, on-campus event. Judge Registrations opens on February 1, 2022 – Judges will need to register separately for District Science Day and State Science Day.

For more than 60 years — and now with more than 60,000 alumni — State Science Day is the pinnacle of student originated, inquiry-based science education for Ohio’s students. The academic equivalent of a state athletic championship, this year’s event is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Drawing upon a base of over 35,000 students at more than 1,000 local school science fairs, more than 1,100 students in grades 5–12 from nearly 300 schools will be evaluated this year on their scientific research and communication skills. They will compete for nearly 100 different scholarships and awards valued at more than $600,000. Individuals will be recognized and several sponsors will also make awards to members of team research projects.

First held in 1949, State Science Day is sponsored by: The Ohio Academy of Science, American Electric Power Foundation, Battelle, Kokosing, The Ohio Environmental Education Fund, The Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, CAS, Charles River, and The Ohio State University.

About the Academy

What is the Academy? The Ohio Academy of Science is a membership based, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization. The Academy is the leading organization in Ohio to foster curiosity, discovery, and innovation and to unite all who value education, science, engineering, technology, or their applications for the benefit of society. The Academy conducts an annual meeting and science days, and publishes an international, multidisciplinary, scientific journal.

Our Mission - To foster curiosity, discovery, innovation, and problem-solving skills in Ohio

Our Vision - The Ohio Academy of Science is the leading organization in Ohio advancing the understanding and practice of science, engineering, and technology.


The Ohio Academy of Science District 18 Science Day would like to thank the following companies and organizations for their tireless support.
With their commitment, students have an opportunity to share ideas, showcase cutting-edge projects,
and compete annually for awards and scholarships.


If you would like to become a sponsor of the Ohio Academy of Science District 18 Science Day
please contact Mrs. Dorie Gruber for more information.

For technical questions and support, please contact your event administrator